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african night crawlers, live composting worms for sale

Live Composting or Compost Worms (African Night Crawlers / ANCs) for Eco-fertilizer Creation

Starting from SGD$39.50

Edible Plants Potting Soil with Vermicompost

SGD$12.50 /kg month for 12 months

The Sustainable Garden Program - A Series of Urban Agriculture Workshops

Starting from SGD$50 per pax

Why Fertwerck?

1. Extensive Expertise

Our team at Fertwerck comprise of experts that have a wealth of experience in sustainable agriculture. For your green growing endeavors, we strive to provide trustworthy advice, information, and solutions.

2. Eco-Friendly Approach

We are dedication to environmental protection and fostering a sustainable future. The eco-friendly fertilizer solutions we offer aim to grow your plants while reducing food waste and ensuring environmental protection. 

How Fertwerck Eco-Fertilizers Grow Your Plants?

Fertwerck's sustainable and environmentally approach towards fertilizers are specifically designed to encourage healthy plant growth.
  • Derived from organic waste, sustainable and environmentally friendly putting in place sustainable practices towards plant growing
  • Quality eco-fertilizers that ensure optimal nutrient uptake for plants’ healthy growth